Silky Beauty

The beauty tip that helped me achieve youthful dewy look!

*This is based on personal views and opinions and individual results may vary accordingly, similar results from the photos are not guaranteed.

Thanks to it, I no longer need to apply beauty filters to my photos!

I was looking at those lovely photos of my favorite “onni” and wondering how can they have s

I finally found the solution to my dry & sensitive skin.

*This is based on pers

This is what happened to my skin after I started applying clay pack for my enlarged pores…

I am having a&n

First step of anti-aging, skin counterattack! Adjust water & oil ratio according to your skin’s needs!!

*Effects vary from person to person (pictures are for reference only)

Kena pakai sunscreen setiap hari?

      Ramai yang tak tahu kepentingan sunscreen ni. Tahu tak kita WAJIB pakai sunscreen ni everyday? Yes, every day! Antara sebab kita kena pakai sunscreen setiap hari 💖 Mengelakkan kulit sunburn/ gelap/ terbakar💖 Mengelakkan kulit kusam, berkedut & nampak tua💖 Mengelakkan jeragat. P/S punca utama jeragat ialah sebab tak pakai sunscreen 🤯💖 Mengelak…

Is there any connection between sensitive skin, split ends & water?


How I combat my sensitive dry skin

Ever since I turned 30 years old, I started to experience dry flaky skin.

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First step of anti-aging, skin counterattack! Freely proportioning creams make it easy for you to look younger!

*Effects vary from person to person (pictures are for reference only)