TESARAN Review! The ultimate review of its positive & negative feedbacks

TESARAN, much talked about in town,  is a hand cream to prevent excessive sweat on your hands.

It is essential to stop sweat on your hands to cure sweaty eczema.

That’s why I have chosen to use Tesaran to cure eczema completely.  I was fine after using Tesaran even with my sensitive skin.

I was cautious about aluminium chloride contained in anti-perspirants that was believed to cause side effects such as itchiness and rashes.

Tesaran is Aluminum chloride free. It is safe for patients who has an eczema.

Sweating is the main cause of skin eczema. After doing some research, I came to use Tesaran.

It is common to have eczema if you have excessive sweating on your hands. However, there are not many ways to stop sweat on your hands. It’s natural, so nothing much we can do.

And we don’t want to use strong antiperspirant cream because it is not good for sensitive skin.

For me, I had no problem using Tesaran.  I would like to recommended for patients who have sweaty eczema like myself.


    1.  Tesaran is effective?

  – Components and Character

  – Safe components?

   2.    How to use it effectively

  – Texture

  – Review

  – Not effective? Try this way.

    3.   Summary

Is it effective?

Tesaran is a hand cream controlled for excessive sweating on hands with an ingredient to prevent from sweating . This is a hand cream to reduce sweat on your hands.

As it is a simple designed tube, it looks like sun protection cream. You don’t have to worry that people can tell you are using cream for anti-perspiration.

You are thinking it is embarrassing to use some products saying like “Say good bye to  sweaty hands!” or “Prevent from sweating on your hands!” …

It has great packaging design that doesn’t look like antiperspirant.

Ingredients and character

Do you know there are 2 different type of sweat? Sweat glands that secrete sweat are apocrine glands and endocrine glands.

For example, apocrine glands secrete smelly sweating such as armpit sweating and genital sweating.

On the other hand, it is endocrine glands that causes excessive sweat on your hands.

This sweat is 99.5% made of water, so it is not sticky sweat.

Source: kotobank.jp

The Aluminum chloride used in most anti-perspiration solutions which said to be effective to reduce armpit excessive sweating is treated as having the quality of poison in  the table of ingredients. The side effects are itchiness and rashes.

In the component of Tesaran there is no aluminum chloride contained. It is very safe for sensitive skin.

Is the component safe?

I have given up to use any anti-perspiration for myself because of my hand eczema which always made my palm and fingers crumbly.

But Tesaran didn’t affect my hand eczema. Tesaran helps to prevent from sweaty hand and it is very effective.  It was a right decision to buy Tesaran  as it says it is made from natural ingredients and gentle to skin and patch test examined.  This must be good for children, too. I use body soap for children because of my sensitive skin

How to use Tesaran  effectively.

In the manual it says to apply the cream of a size of a rice, but I do a size of a pearl.  Apply 3-5 times a day on both your palm and hand. It is essential to apply often. I guess the cream is part of the daily life.

When is the good time to apply?

– When you get up

– After washing your hand

 – After having bath/shower

  – Before starting work

Tesaran absorbs well and it is not sticky.

It is not like ointment, so you don’t need to wait until it gets dry.

If it is an steroid ointment for eczema, you can not touch your mobile phone for a while because your hands are too sticky.

Tesaran made my hand dry straight away!

It does absorb very quickly after you apply all over your hands. Once it dries, you feel your hands won’t slip. It smells very refreshing as well.

Review from customers

I think it reduce the sweat on my hand very well.

(From Daikon130)

Dear people who get nervous,

Have you ever had armpit sweating, hand sweating, feet sweating and etc? Tesaran cream worked well to stop sweating!

It worth trying. I do myself apply the Tesaran when I am nervous and it prevents from sweating very effectively.

(From Asattupe)

Isn’t is effective? Try this way.

It is better to think it is not effective after applying one time.

In my opinion, it is essential to apply at least 3 time daily for better result.

You will need to apply before you are sweating. Put the cream before you get sweaty.

I sorted out my sweating on my hands after applying the cream with a size of a pearl 2-3 times a day.

I always have an issue to get sweaty on my hands when I get nervous. I make sure to apply Tesaran before my important presentation as I know I will get nervous. It really helps to stop sweating!


Most of anti-perspiration treatment from abroad or with strong effects are not suitable for sensitive skin and children because of side effects such as itchiness and rashes.

Tesaran is the perfect anti-perspiration for sensitive skin to prevent from sweating effectively and gently. If you are struggling with excessive sweating on your hands, I recommend you to try this gentle antiperspirant first!