Goodbye to that middle age look!

Effective beauty essence serum for night time!

Pigmentation is the NO.1 skin concern among females in Malaysia.

Malaysia is in the tropics with high temperature and high humidity. It is 30℃ year around and most of days are nice and sunny with strong sunshine and with a lot of UV. A lots of females in Malaysia must be worried about pigmentation and how to avoid it.  It is pigmentation that females in Malaysia most worry about.

Some says, “make-up cannot cover my pigmentation” or “dark circles under eyes make looks much older”

The beauty essence that is effective for pigmentation is Vitamin C derivative and Arbutin.

We think Vitamin C can be very effective for beautiful skin. But there are some issues. Vitamin C is not a mild component to use in itself and is not long-lasting. It also does not blend well with other lotions
To make a stable component changing structure from Vitamin C is Vitamin C derivative/Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside. There are 3 different types in Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside such as water soluble, oil soluble and new type. Water soluble Vitamin C derivative is commonly used in cosmetic products such as lotions as it can absorb well into your skin and is long lasting.
There are 5 effects in the function of Vitamin C derivative.  It prevents pigmentation, increases blood circulation, tightens pores, improves oil control and prevents dullness. Tightening pores is essential in Malaysia, isn’t it?

Arbutin is the essence for whitening.

Arbutin is the effective whitening component officially certificated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.

Arbutin contained in cosmetic products is chemically synthesized, however Arbutin is also contained in fruits and vegetables. It prevents pigmentation and freckles by controlling the Tyrosinase enzyme which generates melanin.

The feature is to prevent from getting pigmentation rather than removing pigmentation There are 2 types of Arbutin such as α and β.

The α Arbutin which has 10 times more whitening effect than β Arbutin and it absorbs well into skin.

Enriched Beauty essence – MSkin the white C

If you wish for a skin care solution with Arbutin and Vitamin C derivative, here is the product for you!

MSkin the White C

medical cosmetics in Japan

This is the whitening essence serum to use, just 1 drop at night.

Won the No.1 Beauty serum out of about 200,000,000 products in the Rakuten online store. 

As it is a medical cosmetic, it is very effective to prevent from getting pigmentation with Arbutin and provides skin care for pigmentation and prevents redness on your face at the same time.  This beauty essence serum work for dullness around your eyes as well.

In general medical cosmetics are said to be strong. This product is made for sensitive skin which has sunburns problems and is safe to use because it contains Glycyrrhizin acid 2K. It is often used in Chinese herbal medicine and can improve skin condition after sunburn with an excellent anti-inflammatory action.

You can use this serum for UV damaged skin and sensitive skin as it is additive-free.

It is often said that smiling lines and wrinkles can indicate your age. But pigmentations and dull skin makes you look older as well.
Say good bye to old looks and start daily whitening care.

Many good news from customers! You can try and see!

-Employee 32 years old

It is so refreshing! I can feel the serum absorbs so well into my skin.

-Housewife 42 years old

Even with expensive luxury serum, I always had skin problem for my sensitive and dry skin. I had all in one gel and it was good for me. So, I tried this serum! It is an essential item for me, especially after sunburn.

There are so many good reviews from customers. Some mentioned about how skin conditions changed after using the serum. The person said after 2 month/2 turn-over, she has got a beautiful skin condition! It is great to hear the result.

Let’s start using this beauty whitening serum now before it is too late!
MSkin the white C (medical cosmetics) that prevents pigmentation and freckles by the active whitening ingredients of Vitamin C derivative and Arbutin is a No.1 beauty whitening serum on the Rakuten online shopping.

You can condition your skin as you continue using the serum and it improves pigmentations. It is recommended for those has pigmentations. 

*It prevents pigmentations and freckles from sunburn.