How to enhance your natural look with a little twist

You never get a second chance to make a first impression 😎 Last time when I went for a job interview with the wrong makeup (overthick eyebrow…) It makes the interviewer ask me why I looks different to my profile picture. That was so embarrassed and it partly ruined my job opportunity 😣

Make sure we get the first impression right is pretty important 👍

According to scientific research, 80 – 90% of first impression is made within the few seconds of meeting someone. This is particularly important during an interview or a date.

Eye contact is also crucial to ensure good communication because when we talking to each other, we look in the eyes, this shows that we are paying good attention and actively listening to each other. ❤️️

Yes, we know that eyes can talk even without words ❤️️

I used to put much effort in dressing up & applying makeup. Cosmetics can also be quite expensive and time consuming. As a fresh graduate, it has been a huge burden on my financials 😳  In fact, I am always too lazy to do makeup more than 30 mins every time but I take my eyelash quite serious as I know longer eye lashes help the eyes looks more charming.

Warm, friendly eyes could be the deciding factor in whether you make a possible friend (or boyfriend) or scare someone away. Apparently, guys tend to look at girl’s eye at the first sight, you will never underestimate how amazing the magic could be.

When you are smiling to a guy, your eyes becomes the focus of the whole face expression by sending out whether love of friendly feeling.

Recently I read that wearing color lens can actually help improve ⭐FIRST IMPRESSION⭐ Well, who is not fascinated with a girl in olive brown color eyes?

💓 The Japanese color lens in natural look 💓

At first, I was hesitant to try as I didn’t like the idea of putting on blue or green contact lenses. For me those colors are just too fancy. Some friends who wearing contact lens also told me that their eyes feels uncomfortable and dry easily as you know our eyes need moisture just like every part of our organ 😉

However, I came across this Japan color lens brand that specializing in natural look!

So, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with the results! My eyes feel comfortable up to whole day and never have to afraid of going anyway with air con. What about a 3 hours movie like Avengers 4? No problem at all 😍

The brand name is called FELIAMO

As you can tell from their poster, the Feliamo series is a range of natural, earthy colors that is specifically designed to blend with the Asian eye colors, thus enhancing your eyes in a natural way.

The Feliamo series comes in 6 different colours, and all of them comes in different shades of black and brown.

The 6 available colors are:
🔹 Sheer Black
🔹 Sheer Brown
🔹 Olive Brown
🔹 Cappuccino
🔹 Espresso
🔹 Shiny Brown

I got all 6 different pairs of coloured lens to they them out.

I feel that colour lens help enhance my eyes and improved relationships with others as I feel more confident than before. The iris just look bigger and rounder when wearing this Feliamo contact lens.

In fact, scientific research have also pointed out that human tends to believe a person with bigger iris  as they look more trustworthy 😘

Here are some of the reviews I read online before deciding to purchase Feliamo colored contact lens series.

Ms. XingYing (23 years old)

I bought the Shiny Brown colour and I absolutely love it! These coloured lenses fits my eyes perfectly and it is also very comfortable to wear for daily use.

Ms. Violette (27 years old)

My eyes now matches my hair and I couldn’t feel more confident that I am right now. It is so comfortable to wear and it does not get dry easily.

Ms. Belle (33 years old)

The Shiny Black colour enhances my eyes so naturally! I have been using them everyday and I received alot of compliments from it!

More samples shared from user’s around Asia:
Two different colors with same charming look
Model wearing Cappuccino color

I chose all 6 colors because they portrayed different shades of brown and black and I wanted to test out which kind/ color would suit my face better. The first color that I tried out was the Cappuccino colored lens.

The natural brown look from the Cappuccino lens blends in so well with the natural brown colour of my eyes!

💛💛Out of the three colours, the Cappuccino colour is my favourite! It fit my face tone well and it was a nice change of depth in my eyes. I liked how it enhanced the original colour of my eyes.

💛My look with this lens looked very put together and it was a good change that I was looking for!

💛Now I’ll show you the other colour that I bought, the Espresso colour

This is me wearing the Espresso coloured lens

The Espresso lenses are a darker shade of brown thus it portrays a deeper and sharper look in my eyes.

I love how the coloured lens enhances my eyes, I didn’t need to apply alot of make up, especially the eyeliner because the natural brown of the lens had already made my eyes look great as it is 💛💛

Close up picture of the Espresso lens

Can’t believe wearing coloured lenses can help me change up my look, not too subtle, too exaggerated but just nice enough to still look like myself

Each of Feliamo series coloured lenses comes in a box containing 10 lenses (5 pairs)

These are daily disposable lenses thus you can wear the lenses for the whole day and throw them away at the end of the day, after using them.



Based on personal experience, I would highly recommend those who are using contact lenses to constantly have eye drops with you throughout the day ➡️➡️➡️Without adequate moisture, our eyes will become dry and uncomfortable. By keeping your eyes moist and hydrated, you can prevent a lot of common eye problems.

I did some research and compiled a few tips about how to ensure your eyes constantly stay hydrated:

➡️➡️Use no preservatives eyes drops throughout the day to keep your eyes moist.

➡️➡️Stay away from extreme cold/ hot weather to prevent eyes from drying up.

➡️➡️Drink plenty of water to ensure your whole body is hydrated.

Here are some of the best points of the Feliamo series that really made me want to try their products:

  1. 55% Water Content – The moisture content of the lenses are preserved, therefore the rate of moisture loss in your eyes will be slower, which means the lenses will stay comfortable for a longer period of time.
  2. UV Cutting Function – The lens is specifically designed to protect your precious eyes from UV rays.
  3. 14.2mm Diameter – It enhances the colours of the iris without obstructing our vision.
  4. Base Curve of 8.6mm – It fits the cornea of the eye perfectly without sliding around your eyes when wearing it.


I had a great experience using the Feliamo series of colour contact lenses and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family whom are interested to use coloured contact lenses.

The FELIAMO series has a really good range of natural and earthy colour that is very suitable for Asian eye colours. It is very suitable for daily use, whether for working or for a night out with friends.

Here is a comparison of my eyes, before and after wearing the Feliamo Espresso coloured lens.

You can now get these Japanese coloured contacts in Malaysia!


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I personally feel that Feliamo has a beautiful range of natural coloured lenses and it is so comfortable to wear for everyday use. I have no regrets trying out this series of coloured lenses and I am sure you will not too 😉

I hope this blog gives you a better understanding of the Feliamo coloured lenses series and how amazing this product is!