Seeking for 24hrs protection from harmful UV rays?

As a working adult, we are often out and about. Whether it is for work, running errands, or social meet ups, we are always looking for the most convenient way to do things.

Believe me when I say that there are other ways to protect your skin from harmful UV rays all day than just using sunscreen?

The product that I am going to introduce to you is indeed an amazing way protect your skin for long hours, and that is not the end of it!
It comes with many other benefits as well. Such as:

– Long hours protection from sunlight UV rays.
Prevent skin from tanning by suppressing the production of melanin (formation of pigmentation and dark spots) within the skin.
– Heals dark spots and tans, producing a brighter and fairer skin.
– Consist of anti-oxidant that acts as anti-aging properties.
– Covers unreachable areas of the body.
– It is consumable, thus it is convenient and it saves time.

While I was travelling in Japan a couple of months back, I came across this unique supplement that could PROTECT MY SKIN from getting TANNED AND HARMED from UV rays.

So, I decided to give this product a try…

The effect of this product was surprisingly so amazing!

Honestly, this UV Protection Supplement made my daily routine so much easier. As a person who spends 50% – 60% of her day outdoors, it’s so convenient to just take this supplement every morning and NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MY SKIN for the rest of the day.

As I know that my skin is well protected, and the pictures above are proof!

Now, I am going to reveal the product that I have been talking about earlier…


Based on personal research and experience, this product is great for Malaysians as it has such an amazing way to protect you skin throughout the busy day without worrying about putting sunscreen and constantly be aware of the weather.

To those that dislike applying sunscreen on their skin due to the stickiness and the inconvenience of it, this is a WELL RECOMMENDED product to consume to prevent all those trouble while protecting your skin.

And to those who tends to get wrinkles, the Crystal White UV Protection Supplement has anti-aging properties that can REDUCE WRINKLES and REDUCE DARK SPOTS.

and now…
They’re now selling in Malaysia too! HOW CONVENIENT!

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Based on personal research, I’ve come to understand how this supplement works for our skin.
Below is a visual explanation of how this supplement works.

The Crystal White UV Protection Supplement consists of ingredients that help minimize the production of melanin and dark spots.

The pineapple extract powder and crocetin are among the ingredients that can be found in the Crystal White UV Protection Supplement

Now I’m going to explain a little bit about the consumption of this supplement.

The Crystal White UV Protection Supplement is so easy to consume too!
You only need to take 3 tablets a day. (better to take in the morning)

3 tablets in the morning and be relieved from your worries for the rest of the day.

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Protection against harmful UV rays is actually very important, especially for those whom are constantly outdoors and exposed to the sun.

UV rays are harmful to our skin in many ways. Example:


2.Dark spots


4.Skin aging

Benefits of the Crystal White UV Protection Supplement includes:

  • Easy consumption and saves time
  • Brighter and fairer skin
  • Anti – aging properties
  • Last for long hours
  • Covers unreachable areas of the body

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Here are some of the review results that I’ve found online.

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If the link does not take you to the promotion page means that the promotion is no longer valid.
So, do take the opportunity to grab this amazing product before the promotion ends!

>>Check out their official website for more information!<<

I had a great experience using it and I hope that other people will be able to experience it too!

I did not regret it, and I’m sure you won’t regret it too!