It can be used as a cleansing water during the day and a makeup remover at night! Nearm Natural Water Cleansing that acts as a cleanser and makeup remover at the same time~

Which step do you think is the most important for skin care? I think everyone spends different amount of money and time on skin care, but correct “cleansing” is very important to prevent skin problems!

Why is makeup removal so important?

The main reason for the importance of makeup removal is to maintain the function of the skin!

The skin has a barrier function that protects the skin from external stimuli. It has natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and intercellular lipids, a sebum membrane to keep the skin hydrated.

However, the skin does not have the ability to remove makeup!

Make-up remover will remove the residual residue on the skin and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Mixing dirt and sebum will become a cause of rough skin and acne.

In addition, prevent skin cells from regenerating, causing pores to clog, stains and dullness!

Make-up itself does not make the skin worse

But… if it won’t be good if you don’t remove your makeup thoroughly

That will cause the skin to get worse!

and so

Make-up remover is very important! Very important! ! Very important! !

If you don’t remove makeup in time, or if the makeup is not removed completely

It will cause many skin problems

Pigmentation, sunburn freckles, skin aging

More clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads…

There are various types of make-up removers on the market, including oil and gel type. Grease remains on the skin and often causes skin irritation and blackheads. In addition, too much cleansing will make the skin dry.

I have also been troubled by blackheads and dull skin. . . Sometimes I am too tired after working overtime. When I return home, I can’t help it but fall asleep with my makeup on!

Until recently, my bestfriend recommended me

A make-up remover that can remove makeup and even blackheads 💖

My first impression of this product is
It contains “50 plant extracts”. 🌟
It is called Nearm Natural Cleansing Water!

On the second half of the 2017 Japan Beauty Awards.
Nearm Natural Cleansing Water gets the first place in the sensitive muscle makeup remover!

In just a few days, it has created a sales record of 100,000 bottles!!

Many fashion magazines have also strongly recommended this magical makeup remover.
The content of the beauty ingredients reaches 95%, and it nourishes and moisturizes while cleanses the skin simultaneously. It is known as “the fairy water of the makeup remover”.

5 seconds to remove makeup on the whole face, essential makeup remover for those who are lazy!

If you ask me what so special about it..?
It has a light texture like water and feathers.
Successfully caught my attention! !

Its texture is the same as toner, but unlike other make-up products,
It is not greasy!

Like its name, it can be used as

Cleanser and beauty essence that is wiped in the morning (no need to rinse!).

I like it very much because it brings a lot of convenience to my life! 💕

Let’s take a look at its ability on removing makeup…

When I first used this make-up remover, I was shocked by its makeup removal ability!
Apply liquid foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, eyebrow powder, eyeliner on the back of the hand.
Then, wet the cotton pad with Nearm Natural Water Cleansing, you don’t have to rub it, just by wiping will do. All the makeup will be wiped off easily!

Moreover this make-up remover contains beauty ingredients.
My skin feels very clean and fresh after removing makeup, unlike those general makeup remover which will dry up our skin.
To avoid over-cleansing, you don’t need to wash your face again with other cleansers.
It also greatly shortens the time for our usual skin care routine.

It doesn’t cause any irritation to my skin!

It looks like many users on the internet agree with me.

Amazed by Nearm Natural Water Cleansing’s strong ability to remove makeup and it’s gentle to the skin too~

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Ms. Xiao Hui (38 years old)

Take it with you wherever you go! You can easily wash your face,
even on the plane, super convenient!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Ms. Jenny (37 years old)

My blackheads and whiteheads problems are solved with this 1 bottle of Nearm Natural Water Cleansing👍

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Ms. Yong Xian (32 years old)

Its secret of high cleansing power is attributed to

Large amount of natural plant extracts!

And due to it is rich in
Micro-amino acid-rich beauty ingredients and collagen,

The dirt and impurities in the pores can be cleaned thoroughly!

Many make-up removers on the market don’t just remove makeup, but also peel off

the natural sebum that is important for the skin to retain moisture!! 😰

Plant Essence Beauty Makeup Remover

Remove only makeup and dirt while keeping our skin moist and firm! 💖

When I tried it myself, I couldn’t believe what I saw… 😱

When I wipe my face in the state of plain,
as you can see,
the dirt on my face is on the cotton pad! !

This product does not use ordinary water…
Hot spring water from Izumo-mura, Japan! !

As everybody knows,
Japanese hot spring water is well-known for its
healing and beautifying effect!

Every time I use it to remove makeup, it’s super fast.
Usually I use two wet cotton pads to remove full face makeup in about 5 seconds.
And it can also be used directly in place of cleansing products.
It helps to remove grease and dirt with a single wipe, saving time and money.
It is absolutely necessary for lazy girls!

For heavy makeup, or waterproof eye and lip makeup,
When removing it, you only need to apply it on for a while, and wipe it off as usual!

Apply foundation, mascara, lipstick and lip gloss to test its makeup removing ability!

I only wiped it once and 99% of the makeup was wiped off! ! Superb·~

I highly recommend it to those
Women who often puts on makeup💄and are searching for skin care products that do not cause burden to the skin. 👩

This product is very popular in Japan, and has been receiving praised constantly!

Even professional makeup artists love it!

I heard that the stock of Nearm Natural Water Cleansing is limited and only sold online! Maybe some may think that
“I would only know if it’s as effective as what I’ve imagined after trying.”

Those who are interested in trying it out, please pay attention!

You can bid goodbye to blackheads by wiping on Nearm Natural Water Cleansing!

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