All beauty product lovers must read! I discovered this health & beauty website which offers excellent price for value Japanese skincare products!

Hi all, this is beauty expert, Charlene.

Today, I would love to share with you my latest discovery…
A health & beauty online store that offers high quality skincare products at an affordable price!

High quality beauty products at drug stores are often too costly…

Where do you usually get your skincare items?

\Drug Stores!/

Sometimes, even if I found something that I would like to purchase from beauty magazines, I just gave up completely when I arrived at the drug store…

Why is that?

Reasons why I gave up on getting beauty products at drug stores:

  • Too expensive
  • Inconvenient to shop for beauty products while having my little kids running around in the drug store
  • Sales person at the drug store are too intimidating (I don’t like being followed around by strangers.. haha)

I believe many of you pretty mums realized that it is a total nightmare to shop with your little ones & hubby in the drug stores.

I was unable to take my time browsing the products, get advice from the sales person and proceed with purchasing the beauty item of my choice, as I always in constant worry if my kid will run off and disappear when I looked away…

Nevertheless, I want to make sure that I care for  my skin with  products of impeccable quality..

I believe that women who pamper their skin will shine with confidence! That’s why if you ever thought「I don’t need good skincare products as I’m already in my 40’s! It doesn’t make a difference anyway…」,you’re wrong!

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself.

Zoe Kravitz

Occasionally, I do love scrolling through the famous Malaysian beauty online store Hermo, and admire their fun and colorful product pages.

However, I noticed that most products are catered to teens & young adults. Would the same products be suitable for people of my age? (I’m actually in my late 30’s) Not that young anymore haha..

Then, I found the beloved beauty store of my life!

Getting good skincare item is no longer a challenge…

That is when I found this health & beauty online store.

We carry products that addresses skin concerns of women & men. Our skin care lineup only consists of products Made in Japan. Japan Premium members also gets member exclusive vouchers worth up to RM 50!

Japan Premium CEO

Japan Premium even give out RM50 shopping voucher for their members! Don’t miss it!

The skincare products sold on Japan Premium are mainly products that do not contain artificial preservatives & therefore is safe for use on skin! Even those who have sensitive and dry skin will find something which is suitable for them. Not to mention, many items of Japan Premium have been featured in various beauty magazines in Japan!

In fact, the prices at Japan Premium are so affordable considering the quality of the product. I think i figured out why.

How Japan Premium offers affordable pricing:

  • Being an online store, they omitted costs such as shop rental
  • They link manufacturer to customers (no need for reseller costs)
  • They offer bundle promo prices where you save more money the more you buy!

What I love about Japan Premium