Beauty with silky hair is increasing rapidly! The Japanese carbonated shampoo that female artists loves, “Bid goodbye to oily scalp and itchy scalp!”

“Hair is a woman’s life” who doesn’t want to have a beautiful hair?

 So do I…….

But starting from the age of 25, my hair becomes rough, frizzy, bifurcated, puffy….

I started to go to the salon regularly for hair care. If the hairdresser recommended some good hair care products, I will buy all of them.

At the beginning, the salon’s hair care products are quite useful until I reach 30 years old.

There’s no other way to save my hair, it is poor to a point where the hair starts to remain the same length. (Damaged hair ends broke on themselves)

And the scalp starts to smell like oil, and it is still red. . .

What is the cause of scalp which secretes oil . red scalp?

It is your shampoo

Because ordinary shampoo uses chemical washing agents or petroleum based (about 90% of shampoo sold in the market is this type)

The washing power is quite powerful. To prevent dryness after washing, it is necessary to add silicone to maintain its smoothness. After washing, it will cause your scalp to secrete excessive oil.

This powerful shampoo (similar to the detergent ingredients) will wash off too much oil and cause the scalp to secrete excessive oil

Silicone will block the hair roots and worsen the scalp condition, so the scalp will only produce oil. The more oil it produces, will end up turning into red scalp through vicious cycle

Later, I went to the dermatology department. The dermatologist told me not to use shampoos which contains (silicon, dimethicone. . .there are too many types)

The doctor said

“Silicone is a kind of waterproof ingredient that is uses in shampoo. It will fill in pores and hair scales, which will make you have the illusion of smoothness. The insoluble silicone blocks the pores on the scalp, causes the pores not being able to breathe, long-term problem leads to itchy scalp and hair loss….” The doctor said that not everyone is suitable for it, or some face no problem while using, but people who have itchy and red scalp must avoid using it

After taking the medicine prescribed by dermatologist, the scalp stays in a good condition if medication is being applied, if not the scalp starts to itch and becomes oily. My hair felt dry after using silicone-free shampoo. . .

My scalp condition is unstable…

A Japanese stylist (store manager) recommended a bottle of Silicic acid-free and carbonated shampoo to me.

Carbonated bubble??  It was the first time I heard of it, but he squeezed it out in a bubble form!! It is Introduced below

My hair doesn’t feel dry after washing, even my oily and red scalp has improved a lot. Simply replace the usual use of shampoo once in three days, your hair and scalp will improve a lot. PS For those who has red scalp problem are recommended to consult a dermatologist! Shampoo is not a medication.

He said that this product is now popular in Japan, and it is also a product that Miss Yamada Yu and many other artists love.

High concentration carbonated essential oil for scalp SPA “Le ment”!

The reason why the store manager recommended Le ment is,

“Japan’s high-end hair salons use carbonic acid as scalp SPA because high-concentration of carbonic acid can penetrate deep into the hair roots to remove sebum and promote healthy scalp and hair”

Le ment sparkling oil cleansing & shampoo is made from high-pressure carbonated shampoo The picture below shows carbonated head spa machine

It turned out that the one next to the shampoo station I was lying on was the carbonated head spa machine.

The cost of this type of carbonated head spa machine is 600-700k. The carbonation of the cylinder must be changed regularly. The store manager spent a huge amount of money on this.

But why is carbonic acid so effective?

[Carbonic acid degreasing experiment]

Carbonic acid has the effect of adsorbing sebum and dead skin cells!! The test process is open to the public!!On the left (↙) with normal warm water, on the right (↘) with high-pressure carbonated water

(↙) The sebum remains even after washing with warm water, (↘) the pores are clean after washing with high-pressure carbonated water

The good thing about carbonic acid is that it will wash away excess oil and leave a moderate amount of moisture. It is the same principle as our skin feels very soft after enjoying hot springs

Le ment also provides effects of carbonated head spa machine!!

High-pressure carbonated head spa machine is 1,000ppm, but Le ment is 5 times higher which is 5,000ppm

And the benefits of Le ment are not just thatAnother secret of Le ment that makes hair smooth and shiny?

“Le ment” contains a huge amount of high-concentration carbonated bubbles and premium luxury essential oil

Every wash is like a scalp SPA, and it is silicone-free!

It feels like I just went for hair treatment at a salon after washing!

Le ment Amino acid-based cleaning ingredients

The cleansing ingredients used are low-stimulus amino acids, which can wash away excess oil, and high-concentration carbonic acid can penetrate deep into the pores which ordinary shampoos can’t.

It also restores the weaker acidity of the hair that is alkaline after dyeing, perming or straightening, repairs the medulla and makes the scalp healthier.

(=Even without adding silicone, my hair is still soft and fluffy after washing!)

Carbonic acid also promotes blood circulation in the scalp and helps to strengthen the hair roots for people with sparse hair.

(Left ↙) washing with warm water thin blood vessel             

(Right ↘) washing with carbonated water thicker blood vessel increases blood flow

Replaces silicone with essential oil to moisturize the hair

Repair hair core from the inside by using amino acid-based detergency, natural premium luxury essential oil ingredients, moisturizing & hair repairing ingredients.It moisturizes the hair ends too!

[Main ingredients]

  • Repair of hair medulla: Hydrolyzed keratin (wool)
  • High moisturizing ingredients: Lipidure / Cupacu oil
  • Nobel Prize-winning ingredient (anti-aging ingredient): Fullerenes
  • Nourishes the scalp and hair, softens hair: Argan oil . Baobab oil

There are 10 other essential oils extracted from organic plants, and plant essences.

Le ment is very popular in Japan and whenever you go you will be able to see their posters (some areas)

There are many reviews on the Internet.

Let me share some of the user reviews!

Everyone can have smooth and silky hair!

Le ment user review!

My hair became silky and smooth while combing!

Yaya (26 years old) ★★★★★

I have always used only silicone-free shampoos, but my hair gets tangled easily after washing. I once doubted that if silicone-free shampoo is good for the hair?

But by using Le ment, my hair stays smooth when it is being washed, or after washing the hair! No problem with dying often cause my hair still stays smooth and silky, superb!

As long as you wash it once in 3 days, you can have such an effect. It is really amazing!! When I finished a bottle or so, my hair condition changed drastically. I didn’t use it in a while, but my hair remains in a good condition.

I can have a smooth hair even if my hair is thin and fragile.

Zi Chen (36 years old) ★★★★★

My hair is very thin and easy to break. It looks like it is always a furry one. It will also float due to static electricity. When I wear a sweater in winter, my hair will be super frizzy. . . therefore I dislike winter.

I dislike the oily feeling after washing my hair with no rinse shampoo. Later, my friend recommended me Le ment sparkling oil cleansing & shampoo. After using it, my scalp feels refreshed and my hair became smooth and silky.

I didn’t change the hair care products that I usually use and didn’t expect my hair to become so beautiful. I feel that Le ment is very effective. It’s all thanks to Le ment that I’m very satisfied with my hair condition now!

Hope to have beautiful hair like Yamada Yu

Miss K. O (23 years old) ★★★★★

My hair was damaged badly after bleaching. I bought it immediately after Yamada Yu introduced it on IG. It smells really nice, and even if my boyfriend smokes, the smell of smoke would not get on the hair! The faint floral smell is very comfortable and healing!! The damaged hair all came back to life!

The smell of oily scalp is gone (45 years old)

The bubbles are thick (38 years old)

No more bifurcation on hair ends (29 years old)

Recently, my boyfriend loves to touch my head (19 years old)

There are also some opinions similar to the ones stated above! The are many artists using it other than Yamada Yu!

This is a good chance to get smooth and silky hair!

Will such a luxury shampoo be very expensive?

Group purchase is the cheapest! Get 4 bottles in a set for RM360 only, the average price for a bottle is RM90. And now that the popularity is super high, and all the products are sold out in a short time. Hurry up before you are too late!

(↓) A bunch of people can’t buy it on the Internet!

For those who are interested please have a look! I saw they were having a special offer on 10th February! But I’m not sure when is the promotion until, it may end at any time.

>>Check if there is any stock left

“Le ment” is a special hair care product that replaces the usual use of shampoo once in three days, a small amount needed for each use to get smooth and silky hair. It is worth a try♪

Check out Le ment’s official website!!