[Recommended by Japan medical association] Experience ‘laser treatment on pores’ effect at home, bid farewell to blackhead, large pores and gain back your baby-like skin! Removes makeup and solves large pores problem in one go!

“Skin condition” will affects one’s impression, who doesn’t want to have a flawless skin!

Even if I cleanse and care for my skin step by step, but it doesn’t seem to solve my pore problem…

I have to pay special attention in skin care after the age of 25. To hide those flaws on my face, I have no choice but to put on thick makeup every day.

I did not expect I’m able to remove makeup and solve large problems at the same time!Bid goodbye to rough skin within a month and regain baby-like skin!

I have tried almost every brand of skin care products on the market to get rid of blackhead, whitehead, fruit acid rejuvenation and to tighten pores.

But my there was still no improvements shown on my large pores…

I have thought of spending thousands to go for pores laser treatment,
but it was just too expensive.

The pores will become more visible if you missed the golden period of improvement.
But I do not want to spend money to buy peace of mind (skin care products that don’t work)

Until I found this magic weapon!

I have just used it for a month, my best friend asked : “Why does your skin look better”?

The result is better than what I expected! My pores are getting smaller!

My skin is taken care of, and it feels like my skin looks 3 years younger.

It helps to retain water in the skin and creates a natural looking flawless skin, so I specially shared my feedback here!

First of all, we need to find out the source of the problem

“Why is it impossible to treat large pores?”

When I see product advertisement where the products are nicely packed or if there’s a sale ongoing in the drugstore, I will end up buying tons and use them every day.

Even if we spend a large sum of money on skin care, but did not carry out the basics of removing makeup and cleansing,
the rest of the skin care routine will be a failure…

Hoping to have baby-like skin? Let’s start with cleansing and removing makeup correctly.

Please take note:

In order remove makeup, the cleanser must be mild for the pores to be unclogged, while retaining the essential grease at the same time.

But we often remove the dirt in pores along with the skin’s moisture… Leaving exposed pores to dry and dangerous state!

At this time, the skin will secrete unnecessary oil to protect the skin.
So it’s important to retain the moisture which the skin needs (known as moisturizing)

General cosmetics uses “refined water” as substrate.
But the effect of high purity “reduction water” is the best!

Therefore, “reduction water” is one of the hot topic recently.

The biggest effect of reducing water is it “removes dirt” and “retains moisture” simultaneously.

It keeps the skin supple and removes dirt thoroughly!

Please take note:

The higher the purity of reduced water, the better the anti-aging effect.

→ Choose skin care products which contains high purity of reduction water to get younger skin.

Thus, I’m using Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse that contains high purity of reduction water.

“Acts as a makeup remover” and “purify pores” at the same time!

It looks like this ↓clear gel like cleanser.

But it is not as liquidlike as toner, so it’s easy to handle. You don’t have to worry about dirtying your clothes.

Keep your face dry before using Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse. It helps to remove thick makeup within 30 seconds! Your face won’t feel dry after cleansing, but don’t forget to apply toner! (Remember to proceed with your daily skin care routine)

Fleuri is originated from Japan. It was first publicized in Taiwan and finally in Malaysia!
Many users shared their surprising effect after using on the internet!!

I’ve used too many products that shows short term effect but causes damage to my skin…

Fleuri is recognized by the medical association, and has completed clinical trial testing, this makes user feel at ease.

In general, the pores will immediately return to their original stage even after undergoing one or two beauty treatment.

So, it is crucial to follow the basic skin care procedures to remove dirt residue in pores!

Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse is developed by the collaboration between dermatologists and beauticians.

The following is the test results (one day after use) ↓

The rough skin becomes refined.

How does Fleuri differs from other proucts?

★First point: A unique formula developed by the collaboration between experienced dermatologists & beauticians
A unique formula developed by the collaboration between experienced dermatologists & beauticians whom listened and solved skin problems faced by 15 thousands women. It promotes “rapid recovery” and “prevents recurrence”!

You don’t have to worry about spending money to go for beauty treatment and the skin returning to its original state anymore ^^

Second point: Contains 6 varieties of beauty ingredients Acts as a makeup remover and a skin care at the same time! (Please refer to the official website for the following information)

★Third point: Without adding 12 harmful ingredients
I have sensitive skin, so I must pay special attention to the ingredients when it comes to selecting skin care products. Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse caught my attention by not adding 12 harmful ingredients (most of the skin care products in the market only advertised that they are free of 6~7 ingredients)!

Fleuri is the first brand to introduce a cleanser that removes makeup and promotes intensive skin care, superb!

This is why Japan’s popular women’s magazine introduced Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse. Many models recommended Fleuri too!

Even the famous Japanese actress, Maggy recommended it! (The following picture was taken from You tube)

More than 600 shops in Japan are selling this product.

Awarded with Japan’s largest web beauty care products review website No.1!

It was featured in Japan’s TV show!

(Upper image: translation) “It removes makeup completely”  (Lower image: translation) “It keeps my skin hydrated and also promotes translucency!”

Fleuri has conducted a user survey and it shows that 93.6% users are satisfied with the change in pores!

Among 421 users, 394 users states ‘Pores become clean and fresh!’

The repurchase rate hits 92%.

I have compiled the reviews of Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse on the internet

46 years old / Female ★★★★☆

When I attended secondary school, I don’t know anything about skin care. I will just pop any acne that grows out. This leads to annoying large pore problems. But after two months of use, my pores become smaller and it is easier to put on makeup! Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse makes it possible to remove makeup and solve pore problems at once.

36 years old / Female ★★★☆☆

After the age of 30, I started to go for beauty treatment. I was told that there was dirt residue accumulated in my pores. While removing makeup, I started to realize my pores were often clogged with foundation, but now I’m able to care for my skin and removes makeup simultaneously. I can feel that my skin is getting smoother after cleansing!

26 years old / Female ★★★☆☆

I was troubled by large pores on the sides of my cheeks. As a result, I have to spend a long time on concealing. I did not remove makeup thoroughly which leads to vicious cycle, but after using Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse, my skin doesn’t feel dry anymore and it helps to smoothen my skin!

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The most important thing is that they even provide free shipping!

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