Simply apply it and bid goodbye to darken armpits and knees! You don’t have to be afraid of being seen by others anymore.

Many girls like to wear sleeveless skirts and singlet out, but they barely lift up their arm with confidence. This is all due to dark and rough and even smelly underarm. They are afraid and embarrassed of the flaws are being seen by others.

Why do some people have a dull complexion under their armpits? There are many reasons such as, genetic, physiological reasons, pigmentation, and poor cleaning. Friction is also one of the most important factor of darken underarms. Frequent rubbing between the skin and skin, clothing and skin can cause thickening of the keratin and darkening of the complexion.

If it is only a slight pigment, the general cleaning steps can be effectively solved. If it is severe melanin, you need professional care!

There are many fold on the armpits, it is difficult to clean while bathing, the sweat and old keratin accumulated lead to darken underarms. Exfoliation alone does not provide a strong whitening effect and requires the use of whitening products. For underarm whitening, you can use essence or body lotion with whitening and emollient effects. When you are done with putting on a mask, you can also apply the essence of the mask to the armpit, very simple and practical.

Exfoliating alone, can not produce a strong whitening effect, you may need to use whitening products.

Ibiza whitening cream that has won praises in Japan makes it easy for you to regain your confidence and your white and flawless skin!

This highly praised whitening product mainly treats melanin on the underarms, knees, bikini lines and wrists.

So, I bought and tried it.

I heard from a friend that Ibiza whitening cream is very popular in Japan. More than 96.7% of women regularly uses not only hair removal creams but also this whitening product to remove dirt and keratin melanin on the underarms easily. Therefore, it won a lot of sales rankings!

Let’s see how it works!

This is a comparison picture before and after 2 months of use:

Changes before use and after 2 months of use

The effect is quite obvious!

Recommended it to my besties, they are also very satisfied!

One of my bestie never dared to wear sleeveless clothes due to this.
After using it for 1 month, it really improved a lot!

The effect will be better if you use it continuously! Simply apply and defeat stubborn melanin! !

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Please take a look at Japanese artist’s evaluation of Ibiza Cream!

The Japanese magazine supermodel appreciates the whitening effect on delicate zones! Her hormonal imbalance leads to skin dullness, but she became super confident wearing a swimsuit thanks to Ibiza Cream! She said that it is the secret weapon of every sexy goddess

Rena cares a lot about whitening. She said that Ibiza Cream is especially effective for delicate zones, knees, elbows, heels and facial whitening. Recommended for both men and women!

Ibiza Whitening Cream suppresses the production of melanin, which is illuminated by the dark areas of the underarms that have been rubbed against the skin for many years. It can also be used on acne prone and sensitive skin!

I have checked the evaluation of Ibiza Cream by Cosme in Japan on the internet and found that it received quite a lot of praises.

The netizens gave it a high score of 4.9 stars!

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Through their sharing, it’s really working! Its effectiveness can be seen within 1 – 2 months.

It is also effective for knee whitening. You can now wear your miniskirt with confidence.

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What is the whitening principle of Ibiza cream?

It contains. . .

Double active ingredients!

Transmitted acid helps the group to whiten the skin, while dipotassium glycyrrhizinate helps the group repair damaged skin.

Because it is a product for private use, manufacturers pay special attention to it, Ibiza whitening cream does not contain additives such as synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol, colourant and so on.

You can use on the body parts shown above!

How should I use it to obtain the maximum effectiveness?

Recommended for morning and evening after bath! Simply squeeze out a suitable amount of 20 cents size.

The color of Ibiza Cream is milky white, and there is no scent or synthetic fragrance added !
Once you apply it on the skin, it will be absorbed in an instant.

It feels quite good when applying. Moisturizing and refreshing!

If you continue using it, you can have all the envy look of those females, welcome white and soft skin~

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