My go-to serum that reduces dark spots & wrinkles

As we age, signs of aging start to appear, especially in the area around the eyes.However, there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women! Therefore, the maintenance of youthful skin is very important!!

Recently, I noticed that my skin condition has become significantly worse. 😭 My skin looked dull and rough. There were even some dark spots and sunburn from driving to work during the day. I made sure to apply sunscreen daily. However, I feel like it doesn’t protect me fully from UV rays.

That is why, I started to try this VC x 100 Future in Serum as recommended by a Japanese friend. The effect was unbelievable! 💖💖

This small bottle of VC x 100 Future In Serum is mainly for skin brightening and repairing. This serum is recommended mainly for women with wrinkled skin and dark spots. The highlight of this serum is the vitamin C concentration which is higher than the concentration of general vitamin C skincare products. 😊Enhanced with hyaluronic acid, it’s anti-aging & brightening effect is powerful!👸

Many people dislike stickiness on their skin. With VC x 100 Future In Serum, I noticed that…IT LEAVES NO STICKY FEELING.


Unlike many serums which are too viscous, I love the watery and light consistency of Future in Serum.

The main component in VC x 100 Future In Serum is vitamin C.BUT, it is not just regular vitamin C.It contains a new type of vitamin C which has very small particle size. That is why is can be absorbed much better & faster compared to the regular vitamin C!

See.. It gets absorbed almost instantly!h

I also bought one for my mum to try out.. Voila!

2 months after use

Her skin also became brighter and more translucent. 💗

That is why I would strongly recommended those who are concerned about wrinkles and dark spots to give this Future in Serum a try!

If you’re interested, you can read more about the product here:

Try it and you won’t regret it 😉