How to Use Spa GelPatch!

Unless you are really exercising properly, your belly will start growing as you age!

Especially when i gave birth. It’s one of the places I do not want to be mine even though it’s mine!

I know there’s no answer other than exercise.
But this will maximize it! The tummy patch that I found!

It’s a spa gel patch 42 abdomen patch.

Corset shape to wrap around to the side to maximize the fat burning around the waist.
Corset type is the way to go in my opinion.

I used to think that its only for hands and feet.
Now the whole body! This is so cool!
When I get hot water to bathe the children and go into the tub
The bathtub will cool down as soon as I get in. So the effect of warming belly is really addictive.

It covers the entire belly and the sides!
It’s a big size because it’s a fat slice!

It’s not only a single patch, it has 5 patches in one box.
Before the protective film was peeled off, there was no stickiness.
Spa Gel Patch 42 The size of the patch is 50cm in width, about 16.5cm in height.

On the other side of the adhesive side,

The temperature is usually the highest in two to four hours.
But it can sustain up to 8 hours per patch.
I would like to have a fat-elasticity and fat decomposition with a fat patch.

Let’s tone down our belly, you may buy it here! Spa GelPatch 42°C

Source: Blog by Sung2gamja Blog Spa GelPatch